Introducing Customer Experience as a Service

Here’s the situation. Nearly every organisation is now, or will need to soon become, a customer-centric company, excelling in their use of data and technology, in order to compete tomorrow. Yes, even yours. But with Customer Experience as a Service (CXaaS) from Aquient, you have an always-on engine capable of crafting custom-built modern customer experiences from the ready-for-use platforms born in the cloud. We’re talking about the software businesses run on, the experiences customers rely on, and the analytics that tie them both together.

Built for forward thinkers

Customer Experience as a Service (CXaaS) was created to drive change and innovation – at scale as well as velocity. It’s the perfect solution for companies who are ready to make something new, now – and just need a team of revolutionaries to help them do it. That means the experience and acceleration to help bring to life the ideas that will disrupt industries and change trajectories.

The shortest line between envision and execute

With the right combination of skill, location, and approach, CXaaS will get you where you need to go with the quality and speed your world demands. Our methodology includes a few key indelibly interconnected elements that create value and outcomes together. As one.

CX Centres

CX Centers give us a center of gravity. They’re our arena for the open, honest exchange of information and free sharing of knowledge, through each sprint, every stand-up. Whether in a pod of interdisciplinary teams or in the frequent activities we hold together to learn and grow, this ecosystem helps us co-create – with our clients, in their time zones – experiences expert in quality, and adventurously fun.


Our network of CX Centers features people with all the disciplinary backgrounds necessary to build the most ambitious modern customer experiences imaginable. Consultants, engineers, scrum masters, designers, testers, cloud experts, gearheads, data wonks, and so many more. We use our highly integrated network to light up well-oiled teams, comprising just the right skill mix, at just the right time. Then we have the flexibility to cycle them down as the client sees fit or the project requires.


The large, complex Customer Experiences worth building have something in common: they defy dogmatic methodologies and canned architectures. Our Customer Experience Methodology (CXM) provides flexibility within a framework. Starting at our client’s location, with their teams, we quickly create the leanest set of plans necessary to create vibrant, user-centric experiences. And after each sprint, on every project, we continue to improve, with our clients, as one team.


Our clients expect us to help them build new modern customer experiences, but that doesn’t stop at delivery. We embrace the opportunity to create lasting, positive change in our client’s teams, elevating the capability of people, installing lean process, and establishing the technology tracks necessary for them to continue the work beyond us. We are all-in on this mission to co-create customer experiences and capability for our clients.

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