What is Customer Experience as a Service?

Customer Experience as a Service brings your innovative vision for your customers to life. We provide the engine for your unique experiences that provide your competitive edge by leveraging data, technology, design, analytics and cloud based platforms.


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The team at Aquient have defined a new model in Customer Experience consulting. You expect more from your consulting and agency partners, and we’ve stepped up. We’re pioneering a new model that redefines consulting partnership – scale, experience and expertise and digital acceleration. We are your hands and feet, backed by serious muscle, to help you rapidly deploy modern customer experiences that will disrupt your industry and change the world.

We’re excited about where this is headed. We think you should be too.

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Customer Experience is what we do

We all know today customers expect more. Technology evolves as fast as we can deploy it, and customers demand innovation in real-time. This requires us all to be nimble. The old way of doing things is over, and the old ways of working… well they don’t work.

Aquient Customer Experience as a Service solves this complex intersection of design, data and technology by making your dreams reality. This truly is the art of the impossible.

We are passionate to a fault about building great Customer Experiences. Your imagined possibility no longer needs to stay locked in your head. Let us help you generate tangible outcomes.

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